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My Top 3 London Vintage Stores

Just about everyone who knows me knows; I love a good shop, but even more, I love a good deal on an item that no one else will probably have. The idea of thrifting and vintage shopping makes me so happy, especially because you are bringing clothes back into style, giving them another life cycle.

I would say it's a hobby and my mom would agree, however, my dad and boyfriend would say it follows more of a problem. Every place I go, I much check out their resale and vintage shops, it's the first thing on my mind, other than food. I mean, most of my weekends you can find me at vintage markets, flea markets, or discovering new local shops.

I had two major hobbies during my time in London: eating and shopping. London is very unique city and has a lot of different pockets to expand your tastebuds and wardrobe.

After my extensive, and I really mean extensive shopping hunt. I limited my favorites list to only 3. Conveniently, they are all pretty close to one another in Shoreditch. If you want to read about one of my days of vintage shopping in London, click here!

My number 1, go-to place during my month and a half in London was... ONIMOS.

ONIMOS just carried a vibe that was so retro but chic. It didn’t just look like every and any vintage shop. It had hints of pink and neon’s, the room was bumping with some throwbacks, and weirdly enough the whole place smelled like flowers… like constantly.

I was so excited to have found this store by chance after getting sucked into the whole neighborhood of thrift and vintage. I got lost and that somehow led me to find this magical street that ended up having my two favorite thrift stores.

The only way to really capture this place is as a time capsule boutique. After a bit of shopping the store owner, Birgit, introduced herself to me.

The Owner of ONIMOS Vintage Clothing, Birgit

This London location is actually the second ONIMOS, the first being in her hometown of Augsburg, Germany. Birgit has traveled worldwide in search of great vintage high-quality finds and it really shows. There are awesome pieces from the '70s, '80's, '90's and even a bit of the early 2000s. From old school Levi's and old rock tee's to futuristic eyewear and accessories, you can find everything you're looking for, even if you're not looking for anything.

Can't make it to London? Well, you are in luck!! You can find ONIMOS on ASOS Market, Depop, and ONIMOS.DE

The second place on my top 3 was Vintage Basement.

This place screamed vintage. With a store decorated in records and blasts from the pasts, you could spend hours in these two leveled shop.

The top floor was filled with everything from fanny packs to bomber jackets. There are even vintage ski outfits and full-on snow gear from the '80s.

I am still disappointed I didn't get this one bomber jacket with bears because I just thought it was so cute and different. I came back and it was gone. I was trying to be more practical with my shopping but lesson learned. When you love it... buy it.

I was so excited to go downstairs in the basement, because everything was £10 and below, which in USD is about $12.50 and below. Downstairs there were Levi and Tommy Jeans, some awesome corduroy [pants and button-ups], and some very cool tops that the owner makes from vintage Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger golf tee's.

Last up is the House of Vintage. This shop is a jackpot for old graphic tees like band shirts and old ad shirts 70s, 80s, and 90s. The collection was nice and in the normal price range of vintage stores. A little bit pricey, but definitely more one fo a kind pieces.

House of Vintage has a massive collection of vintage styled denim! In House of Vintage, I found my boyfriend's favorite shirt: a 1998 KISS Psycho Circus Shirt, that he never takes off. I think it's his way of hinting he wants another one. LOL boys.

I just thought I'd include some pictures of Jared in his favorite shirt. :)

The basement level was a totally different vibe from the top and had vintage dresses, coats, shoes form the 1940s-1960s. This store was more affordable than Brick Lane Vintage (you can read about BLV in my post "A Day Vintage Shopping in London"), but unlike BLV it’s worth the money because they’re unique and truly vintage finds that you find.

Let me know of some of your favorite vintage or thrift store from where you live!!!

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