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MINI- Maya's day-ish in London

Maya came into town on Friday at around 8 am and instead of meeting me at my apartment, she met me at my class excursion around the Parliament Square and Buckingham Palace.

My teacher welcomed her to join on our educational sight seeing adventure.

We watched the change of the guards while sitting on the palace wall, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t allowed, but oh well. I'm living life on the edge (of the wall, lol).

We then went to eat at Half Cup where I got a breakfast sandwich with a charcoal bun and a coffee, per usual and Maya got a traditional English Breakfast.

Then I took Maya to my favorite thrift stores. You can read more about my favorite thrift stores in London on my fashion section.

After, I had to go to another class excursion which was inside the parliament buildings, and there was no extra ticket for Maya, so we parted ways. Well... we thought we did.

I was on the classic big red bus on the way to my class and Maya was on the SAME bus. Maya got on the stop before me and I went to a further stop. We were both sat on the top level but didn’t see each other, until Maya got off at her stop and I yelled her name. But then the bus stopped and Maya fell down the stairs on the bus- HAHA! I've never laughed so hard, and I still laugh about it thinking about her flying down the stairs. I should note that she was fine, but that was such a stomach-aching laugh.

For dinner, we bought food from M&S and got; Apples, Grapes, Juice, and Colin the Caterpillar. Colin the Caterpillar is a delicious chocolate swirl roll cake, that we were both dying to try.

We then went to see “Home, I’m Darling” which is a play that had a modern take on the stereotypical 50's housewife. I definitely recommend it!

We then decided to have an early night, so we could wake up for our train to Brighton.

Go read my blog on my trip to Brighton in the Travel Section or click here!

Then after our late night train ride back to London from Brighton, we went to my apartment, dropped off our stuff and made our way to The Alchemist Bar.

I saw this bar on Instagram and really wanted to try it because they did cool potion-like drinks, and there was no one better to do this with than my Harry Potter loving best friend.

Then I dropped Maya off at the night bus, so she could go back to her abroad home in Bonn, Germany ☹

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