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Current Favorites 0520

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

"I hope everyone enjoyed the first month into the new decade! In 2020, I decided I am going to start a new monthly series of my current favorites I enjoyed each month..."

lol well... that didn't work out. It's now late May.

Being that this is the first one, I'll give you all the low down of what you'll be seeing on this blog series; Beauty and makeup products that are thriving, outfits I'm digging, shows and podcasts I'm loving, food I'm enjoying, stores I'm shopping at, trends I'm trying...everything that I'm loving!

Being that we are all (mostly) still in quarantine and secluded from the outside, this month's favorites had a lot to do with relaxing and self-care, because my whole quarantine has been a post-grad dream of the ideal Sunday... that has lasted months.


Clinique "Take the day off" Cleansing Balm | $30

This has been one of my go-to products since the start of the New Year. It is exactly what it says, it takes the day off. I used to swear by Neutrogena's Make-up Removing Wipes, but now I have my new holy grail. This stuff literally melts off your make-up and leaves your skin soft to the touch.

Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion | $17

I know I'm late to this... but I LOVE it. I never wanted to spend almost $20 on a 1oz bottle of acne cream when I could just buy something similar at a drugstore for $5, BUT this stuff is magic. I put a dot on a pesky pimple the night before and when I wake up... most the time they are gone (and the bigger ones are manageable). I love finding new skincare stuff, that actually works.

Vitamin C Serum | $15.99

My go-to serum. I wear this under my makeup and sunscreen and love it!! It evens my skin tone and makes everything look smooth and bright. I absolutely love it AND it's affordable!!

Podcasts/ TV/ Music

Acting My Age - Rohini Elise (podcast)

I found Rohini's youtube last year, from a thrifting video she had posted, and ever since then I've loved to watch her videos. She's real and relatable and brings that and more to her podcasts. She talks about situations we've all been through; skin-care, budgeting, embarrassing moments, sex, and everything that she's figuring out in her life as a "grown-up". It feels like your talking to your sister or best friend.

We Bought A House - Finneas & Claudia Sulenski (podcast)

This podcast is so damn relatable. It is told by a couple, singer/songwriter Finneas and YouTuber Claudia Sulenski, who just bought a house. They talk about everything; current events, funny stories between them, the drama living with a significant other, and just life in general.


Lol, it's been like 3 days but I already bought a subscription and there are so many of my favorite things on there. Harry Potter....Sex and the City.... The Big Bang Theory....Friends.... so many good romcoms from the 90s-00s!!!!

Things I've Been Doing

Fostering dogs at my local shelter

In the last two months, I have spent my extra time at home with some local foster pups. Our first dog was a 2-year-old Pitt bull named Dixie (who found her forever home) and our second girl, a 4-year-old Shar-Pei/Pitt mix named Olivia (who is also now in her forever home).

Adopt don't shop!!! I'm a huge advocate for rescue animals, and love to support and help my local shelter. If you have time and wanna give some love to an animal that needs it, see if you can foster one.


I've been using this time to bake and cook new recipes or just come up with new ones on the spot. I have been experimenting with cooking; making cauliflower pizza from scratch and I just recently (& accidentally) made these chocolate chip banana bread cookies, that my boyfriend and I are obsessed with.


Cashew Milk Creamer

Yo. Cashew Milk Creamer is the bomb dot com. I do my best to eat dairy and gluten-free, as I grew up that way (with the exception of cheese now and then) and I have been obsessed with cashew milk. I love almond for my go-to substitute and used to do oat milk for coffee because it was thicker, but cashew milk and creamer is the m o v e.

(I've pictured the one I use below)

Eggplant Pizza's

My new favorite way to enjoy pizza without the crust. My boyfriend and I have been eating them twice or three times a week and it's super easy. Cut the eggplant into rounds, add sauce and your choice of cheese, then cook for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

The Collection - Cabernet Sauvingnon

I love wine & a glass of red at night is supposedly great for your heart. Through this quarantine, we have been enjoying a glass of wine every now and then, and have tried a couple of new brands, but our go-to budget-friendly option is Target's brand wine.

What are you loving?

Comment your current monthly favorites!!! I want to know what you guys are up to and what has been essential for your January :)

What should I try next month?

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