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Cooking in Northern Italy

A dream come true. There I was, in a smaller town in Northern Italy, making my own pasta from scratch with the help of a local Italian chef.

We entered Studio 33, where we had a charcuterie plate waiting for us, so we could have a pre-cooking snack and fuel up before we begin.

We learned how to make three different types of pasta, as well as, how to perfectly pair each pasta with it's own sauce and garnishes.

We first watched the chef prepare three separate examples of the different kinds of pasta and then we attempted to make our own, however, where ours lacked in beauty, they made for up in taste.

The three dishes we made were spinach and ricotta ravioli, with fresh tomato and stracciatella cheese; pumpkin ravioli, with sage butter; and finally an orecchiette bolognese.

All of the dishes were incredible, but I'm going to share the secrets for the best Ravioli's you will ever make.

You can find the complete recipe for the spinach and ricotta ravioli with stracciatella cheese below, from pasta to garnishes.


Spinach and ricotta ravioli with fresh tomato and stracciatella cheese.

Ravioli verdi ricotta e spinaci al pomodoro fresco e stracciatella

Preparation: 40 minutes | 6 servings | Total Time: 53 minutes


- 4 cups all-purpose flour

- 3 eggs

- 2 & 2/3 cups of fresh spinach

- 2 cups ricotta cheese

- 4 cups grated parmesan

- 1 teaspoon nutmeg

- 1 bottle of tomato sauce

- 1 & 3/4 cups stracciatella cheese

- 1 onion

- Fresh Basic

- 3/4 cups semolina flour

- 2 & 1/2 teaspoon sugar

- salt & pepper to taste

Let's start with the dough.

You should start by placing your flour on the worktop you are using

1. Make a well with the flour, add the eggs and spinach to the center

2. With a fork, in a circular movement, fold the flour into the eggs & spinach.

3. Knead the flour, egg and spinach mixture, until smooth & elastic (~5-10 minutes). If too dry add water. If too wet add flour.

4. Shape dough into a ball, wrap it and chill

Next up: The filling.

1. Boil water in a medium-sized pot

2. Once water is boiling, add spinach, salt + pepper

3. Cook until tender

4. Remove and let cool for 2-3 minutes

5. Squeeze water out from spinach and chop

6. In a mixing bowl, combine chopped spinach, ricotta, and 4tbs of the parmesan

7. Add nutmeg, salt, and black pepper to taste.

Putting together the Ravioli

1. Divide the dough into 4 sections

2. Roll out a 1/8-inch layer of dough

3. Place filling on one side (down a line) 1/2 inch from each other

4. Fold over the side of dough onto the side with filling

5. Press down on the dough in between fillings

6. Cut down in between fillings to from Ravioli

Tomato Sauce

1. Heat olive oil in a large pan on medium heat

2. Add finely chopped onions, basil, salt + sugar

3. Cook for about 3 minutes, stirring occasionally. The onions should be transparent.

4. Add tomato sauce and cook for 20 minutes on a medium heat

5. Stir until the tomato sauce begins to boil

6. Add salt + pepper to taste

Finishing up:

1. Put raviolis in boiling water

2. Cook for 2-3 minutes, or until raviolis float

3. Drain raviolis, add sauce and enjoy.

Enjoy your taste of Italy. Below I have attached the PDF version of the Recipe for you all. The PDF has measurements in grams, but above I have converted it to cups. :)

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