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A quick trip home to Poland.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

A recap of my trip to Poland to hang out with family and get a taste of home.

I flew in at about noon from London to Wrocłow to see my Cocia (Polish for 'great aunt'). We made dinner and I spent the night with her, catching up, celebrating her birthday and spending some much needed time with family.

Day 2

The next morning, I had an early 5-hour train ride to Warsaw. I got into Warsaw at around 10 in the morning. I got settled and then went out to the local farmers market to get a Jagodzanka, which is a blueberry breakfast pastry.

I unpacked and then took a nap, before meeting my cousin for lunch.

We went to Aïoli and both got an eggs benedict avocado toast with champagne, and then both opted for cocktails, a mojito for me... obviously.

We walked around town, looking at flowers and book stands on our way to Old Town Warsaw.

My cousin Ola showed me her university and then explored a bit of oldtown, getting ice cream and continuing our adventure all around Warsaw. She showed me this new riverwalk filled with restaurants, bars, sandpits and lounge chairs that they just opened along the Vistula river.

After that walk, we made our way to The University of Warsaw Library, a building I always find very peaceful. It reminds me of a giant greenhouse. AND fun fact my mom & I one year found out, there is a really neat vintage store in the basement. SO obviously I went.

Then after hours of exploring, I decided to go home and relax.

Day 3

I slept in a bit and had a slow morning, making my way across the street for a local bakery to get some Pancek (a polish donut filled with jam). I lounged around, watching Netflix, working on my blog and enjoyed being in a place I called home.

When I started to get hungry for lunch, I decided it was best to go to my dad & I's favorite neighborhood restaurant.

I opted for a chicken cutlet, with potatoes and saurkraut and then because I really had missed some Polish food got one Nalesniki (polish pancake/crepe) with cheese and one with strawberries.

I was so stuffed I could barely move, but I decided a walk would be best. I took a walk to Blue City, a neighborhood mall that I have been in love with since I was about 5. I did some shopping as a part of my relaxation and then realized I had no more room in my one duffel after all the shopping I had done.

I dropped my bag off and decided I wanted to see a couple more things, so I went to the Politechnika Warszawska. One of the most gorgeous buildings I've seen for school. The outside is rather basic but the inside... wow!

My cousin's on the other side of the family and I grabbed dinner at this new trendy building of warsaw, called . We first got drinks, and I got a mojito and then we went to the Italian place upstairs. I got a seafood pasta and it was DELICIOUS. To top it, I got a dreamy apple-fig-walnut meringue cake.

When I got home, I attempted to pack and fit in all my new shopping and then decided to go to bed early for my flight.

Day 4

I woke up early, finished my packing up and then headed to the local market one last time to get some breakfast pastries. I also bought a kilo of chocolate-covered prunes, because my family loves it & only can get it in Poland.

I took an Uber to the Chopin Airport and said bye to Poland as I boarded my flight to Rome.

I'm including this because it was the best airplane snacks I've ever had... olive crackers and blood orange juice.


xx, see you soon.

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