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A day of Vintage Shopping in London

My day started off at the Kings Cross Real Food Market, a local market that is open every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12 pm-7 pm.

I got a vegan lemon & thyme donut made from a sourdough base, which was one of the best vegan donuts I’ve had, that actually had the fluffy and bouncy texture of a normal donut.

Also, don't you just love when your donut bag gives you a compliment?

I made my way to Shoreditch. I was told it’s the best place for thrifting and let me be the one to tell you…IT DEFINITELY IS! I got off the tube at the Shoreditch stop and decided to stroll without a plan finding vintage stores as I go.

And that's how we ended up with these 6 ratings of Vintage shops in the Shoreditch area.

First Stop: Lik Neon


A petite shop that focuses more on shoes and little gadgets from the 80s & 90s. You’ll also find a very small collection of denim, a rack of tops, and a friendly little cat who wanders the store and shops with you. I enjoyed a bunch of what I saw but didn’t need anything and found nothing I was searching for.

Bottom Line: Small shop, but a good place for shoes or gadgets.

Next Stop: Brick Lane Vintage.


I was really excited when entering Brick Lane Vintage because as soon as I entered I could spot Adidas, Burberry, Fila, Nike, and Ralph Lauren, but I was extremely disappointed when I saw the price tags. They were reselling these items for so much more than ever retailed! I would understand if there were limited edition or hard to find Adidas or Fila but £50 ($66) for basic black 3 stripe Adidas track bottoms? Hell no. That's about the average price of a pair of new trackies, not some pre-loved pair.

Besides the overpricing of the majority of their "vintage finds”, I did enjoy their originality on some of their pieces. They had corduroy patchwork dresses, where each dress had its own unique patching and also, they cropped some old silk and corduroy button-ups but they were still very overpriced, especially for the mediocre work done on the cropping.

I headed down to the basement level, which is where all the sales were and I found very decently priced items like Burberry, Fila and Adidas.

Bottom Line: Lots of stuff but overpriced, but good finds in basement.

3rd Stop: House of Vintage


After my disappointing stop at Brick Lane, I wandered over to a promising shop around the corner and was not disappointed. House of Vintage specialized in vintage from the 1940s-1960s, but I also found some really dope rock shirts circa 80s-90s, as well as those funky shirts with ads from the 70s-80s. This is where I found Jared's favorite graphic tee.

Bottom Line: Great vibe & definitely worth the price. Really cool vintage finds.

4th Stop: OMINOS


As you might have read in my other blog post, 3 Favorite Vintage Stores in London, Onimos was my all-time favorite vintage store. The vibe was lovely and had such great pieces from '70s to the early 2000s. There was denim, accessories, vintage graphics, fun socks, and all your favorite go-to pieces. If you are ever in London, I highly recommend going. They play great throwbacks, the owner is such a doll, and every time I went to the store it smelled amazing.

Bottom Line: Great prices, even better pieces, lovely vibe. Other vintage shops should learn from here.

5th Stop: Vintage Basement


This place serves a very retro look. Stuffed with finds from all around and you don't sacrifice individuality through a large amount of product. They are also very budget-friendly and in-fact, the entire basement is labeled £10 and below. Down under, you can even find some 'Vintage Basement' original crop tops made from old Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren button-ups along with good quality denim and jackets.

Bottom Line: Lots to chose from, very unique for a good price.

6th Stop: Serotonin Vintage London


Don't have a picture of shopping, but here's a quick peek at their clothes!

Serotonin was tied for third with my top 3 picks in London, however, it was more geared to women, as is OMINOS, and figured I would give an option with more opportunities. This shop was a gem. It had so many fun and trendy clothes from the past. They had Prada, Champion, Nike, and Moschino. They also sell on Depop, if you can't make it to London. This store really helps old pieces gain another life cycle by showing how to style them with modern looks.

Bottom Line: It had a VERY good selection, but a smaller limited collection.

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