My Spring '22 Trend Forecast

Spring can not come sooner. Don't get me wrong, I love bundling up in endless layers, sipping on a hot latte -- but basking in the sun and strappy shoes is my secret love language.

The whole atmosphere of spring-- picnics, blooming flowers, iced whatever's and the best fashion trends of the year. It's just so "Romeo - Juliet" femme romantic without the drama

01 - Pops of Color

This spring, bright colors are stealing the show. In accessories, in bold statement pieces, and especially in green, blue, and orange.


Electric Green/ Forest Green.

Cobalt Blue

Electric Orange

02 - Low n' baggy

Listen, I don't always agree with the trend -- but I think it deserves a chance. Think a low rise but with a certain bagginess that gives your waist a snatch effect.

Don't stress, it's nowhere near the 00s' quarter-inch low-rise zip that we all fear.

03 - Low n' flow

On the same rising trend of the low-rise, we have low-rise flows skirts. Most I've seen have been ankle or maxi, but there's been a sprinkle of mid-calf here and there-- and I have to say it does not disappoint with a fitted tee, crop top, or bra top.

04 - The return of the Micro

First came the mini, now the micro. There's been a range of lengths from the traditional mini, to the micro island-cover-up look. However, in NYFW I saw a lot smaller than mini. I predict a surge of micro's coming our way.

05 - With a flare of a 70s resurgence

My favorite thing about the micro is that it's being styled in my absolute favorite way -- the *modern* groovy way. A 70s-esque styling of tall boots and small skirts. The ***perfect*** amount of leg.

06 - Moody Chic

90s grunge meets a "clean girl" aesthetic. In turn, we get the effortless chicness of a dark and brooding aesthetic. As a Gemini, this resonates well with me. It's like a 2-for-1 deal where both sides get to come out and play.

07 - Platforms

We're seeing this everywhere; flip-flops, sandals, boots, heels, you name it. We've graduated from the chunky clunky and are headed to a more *elevated* look -- the platforms.

08 - TY, Jen An

Our style queen of the 90s (& let's be honest now) paved a way for a braless era. The return of the free boob is back-- big, small, we love to see 'em all.

The *CoNtRoVeRsIaL* trend of the 90s is nipping its way into the 20s. While we've seen more of the gals out and about for quite some time, it's picked up some recent traction. From Kendal Jenner to Dua Lipa we've seen it range from sheer, baggy, fitted, and open -- the tata's are out for a good time and a long time.

I've always been a big supporter of the braless aesthetic, and I always will. It's such a boost of confidence, self-love, freedom and femininity that certain things can't replace.

09 - Bra tops

Especially the black bra trend that went down at the recent NYFW.

When we're not -- not wearing a bra, we're wearing bra tops. I think the bra-tops paired with the low-rise jeans or skirts would just be the most feminine and bold look. Through a blazer over, add a pop of color and *chef's kiss* there you have it.