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7 Wardrobe Staples I saw Last Week Working at an L.A.-Based Fashion Company

Last week, Southern California was greeted with a sweltering heat wave that brought some *lovely* high humidity. Not my favorite temp for dressing up because of the whole 4 showers a-day situation, but I digress.

I recently started a job at a digital fashion publication in Los Angeles (someone pinch me 🤩 )-- and these are the pieces I saw during my first week in the office.

1. Tuxedo Vests

Yes, yes, just yes! I saw this classic piece paired with everything from jeans to matching trousers to denim maxi and I can confidently say I've already added a couple to my wardrobe.

Brands from left to right: Zara, Zara, Banana Republic

2. Long Denim

Okay, so the micro and mini have had their moment, and while I'm not ready to let go of them, it's definitely time we welcome maxi denim to the stage, and add a big ol' spotlight. Lowrise, highrise, slits, structured? I'm ready to take all of them on!

Brands from left to right: Free People, Urban Outfitters, Mango

3. Bright Button-Ups

Let the white button-up (button-down?) rest and add a pop of color to this timeless look. Denim, trousers, skirts, over a swimmy? It works with anything.

Brands from left to right: Zara, Anthropologie, Banana Republic

4. Thong Pumps

Listen, I too wish they had a different name-- but someone in the fashion world declared thong pumps sounded better than "flip-flop pumps". Whatever the name, I need to be stopped because I've already added 5 to my cart. They add just the perfect amount of casual, yet femme look to your 'fit.

Brands from left to right: Steve Madden, Sam Elderman, Nine West

5. Puff Sleeve Dresses

Puff sleeves don't have to leave just because summer is ending. The puff sleeve will 100% be joining us into next season, and well into 2023. Fall-ify it with some tall boots and a moto jacket.

Brands from left to right: Urban Outfitters, Free People, Reformation

6. Loafers

90's grunge called, and I picked up immediately!!! While I never thought I'd be an owner of these 'Mia Thermopolis pre-princess' style loafers, I finally caved and got myself a pair.

Brands from left to right: Steve Madden, Prada, Doc Martens

7. Midi Strappy Black Dresses

Your classic L(M)BD but add some length. This has been a staple in my closet all summer long-- it's simple, it's chic, and it's breezy in the heat. Need I say more?

Brands from left to right: Reformation, Free People, J.Crew

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