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Meet Angelica. A gal in her 20s, who loves to write, but often forgets she has a blog. When she remembers she usually writes about travels, thoughts on fashion, and some random experiences here and there. 


Writing has always been a passion of hers and when she left to study in Europe for half a year, she realized that if there was ever a perfect time to start a blog... it would be then.


In March 2019, a couple of months after that revelation, the blog went live and 'The Confidential Blog' was ready for the world to see.

She created TCB as an archive of memories that she could always look back on. For others, she hopes it serves as inspiration, information, or maybe even major icks if you're not a fan. 


Big or small, documenting these moments are special to her. Whether it’s traveling across the world, discussing the latest fashion trends, or living her average life, there's always a story to be told.

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